The firm is ahead of the arrival of WhatsApp Business with Corporate Messenger, a Social Business solution.

Aggity , a Spanish multinational of digital solutions specialized in the digital transformation and the socialization of the company, has been advanced to the arrival of WhatsApp Business, with its Corporate Messenger by Aggity solution , available since last March and currently used or in phase of adoption by 27 companies, both in Spain and Latin America, totaling more than 50,000 users in the health, industry, services and retail sectors, among others.

Designed under the Social Business model , Corporate Messenger is a private, secure and confidential communication and collaboration system based on instant messaging and video-streaming, which enables omni-directional communication and collaboration among all members of the organizations ecosystem, including employees , employees, customers, suppliers, related external organizations, etc., through a personalized solution and with white label for each client.

Designed to ensure the company’s control and data security, Corporate Messenger allows interoperation with the company’s transactional systems, so that, in addition to facilitating the connection of companies with their customers, it is an additional means of communication, both with processes and with things, under an interface totally adapted to the corporate image of the organization. Corporate Messenger complies with the Data Protection Act (LOPD), as well as the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulation and, in fact, “this is one of the aspects most valued by its users”, Pierre points out .

A company is not digital if it is not social

According to Oscar Pierre, president and CEO of aggity, “we are clear that a company can not be digital if it is not social before, and our Social Business solutions allow us to make this change in management simply and quickly . ” “Corporate Messenger by aggity enables businesses to take advantage of the many benefits of social communication without compromising the integrity and confidentiality of their data.”

“After almost two years of the Whatsapp Business announcement , ” Pierre adds, ” the Whatsapp enterprise version is having a hard time taking root because it has inherited the Facebook WorkSpace approach, data still belongs to Facebook and it does not offer interoperability with transactional systems, nor does it fit the hybrid cloud model. “