Ripple Managing Director in Europe Danny Aranda (Danny Aranda) said that he and his colleagues are considering the volatility of the crypto currency as a positive phenomenon for the market, attracting new traders.

“We are actually looking at volatility, as a really good thing. This causes interest. For traders, volatility can mean a big profit, “he explained.

Therefore, the volatility of prices in the crypto-currency market should be considered as a mechanism for attracting new people to it, says Aranda. As the market and volumes increase, there will be more stability, he said.

Danny Aranda also considers it wrong to consider regulation as a potential danger for the crypto-currency market. In his opinion, the adoption of the rules “will give people more confidence and provide a safer environment.”

However, in the short term, strengthening regulation can have a negative impact on market quotations, as was the case with decisions of the authorities of China or South Korea, he recalled.

“We believe that regulation, as it comes, may have a short-term impact on the price. But in the long term this will give people more confidence, provide a safer environment for their participation in this ecosystem, “concluded Danny Aranda.

The released Ripple XPR token was the biggest disappointment for investors in January – after a historic high of $ 3.84, reached on January 4, its price fell to $ 1.16 by the end of the month.