The Google Contacts app receives a new update, with a series of new features in its design and some interesting features.

One of the changes we will notice is that the presentation of the contact sheet has been renewed. The photo of the contact has more exposure, and now we will have shortcuts below his name. So, from the same tab we can start the process to start a video call, ask for directions of location, send a message or email, among other actions.

And for this dynamic to work, this new version will make it easier to configure the default options of a contact, and to indicate, for example, the e-mail address or phone number we want them to be used.

And as a bonus, we will notice that another detail has also been taken into account, which makes it easier to customize the Contacts view directly from the main list, without resorting to configuration. A combination of interesting news that will help us to manage and always have all the information of our contacts, to communicate easily with them.

If you have not tried the app yet, and you want to give it a try you can download it from Google Play , it supports devices with Android 5.0 and above.