The company, in addition to improving Bing, has announced a new partnership with Reddit to refine the content searches of the site.

The use of artificial intelligence has become popular in recent years, especially in the form of a transversal tool with which to obtain greater performance from other technologies. It is towards this application that Microsoft directs its last measure. The company of Redmond has revealed several updates of its search engine in which this influence is appreciated.

In an event focused on IA held in San Francisco, Microsoft has announced changes to its search engine, Bing, with the intention of improving the engine. These modifications focus on providing more conversational responses to users, better approaching the content that is provided according to each person.

Specifically, the features that have already begun to be updated are related to intelligent search, intelligent image search and conversational search . For this, the company puts at the service of this tool its work in artificial intelligence research, which has taken special momentum in recent times with the creation of an arm specialized in AI, the AI and Research Group , with specific centers such as Microsoft Research AI , a research laboratory and project incubator launched in July.

As TechCrunch points out, this new type of intelligent and conversational searches point directly to the search giant, Google. Although this is the dominant search engine of the market, from the company they defend that a third of the searches made from desktop in the United States are made with their technology, thanks in part to their association with Yahoo.

In parallel to this, Microsoft and Reddit have announced a collaboration agreement . Companies will work to integrate the content of forums and subforums of the site more directly into Bing. Similar to the search engine’s own updates, information on Reddit’s publications will be channeled in such a way that users who carry out similar inquiries receive more nuanced answers.