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What is Bitcoin Planet?


With the Bitcoin Planet, another cryptocurrency was presented in June 2017 on the relevant market, which uses the name of the now world-famous digital currency. Its icon is adorned by the currency symbol of Bitcoin, which is orbited by different orbits. Already here an association to the planetary system should take place, whereby only in so far a connection to the galaxy exists, that in the long term all processes within the Blockchainshould take place so fast that it already reminds of light speed. The short name of this cryptocurrency is BTPL.

Technical specifications of Bitcoin Planet

Also in this cryptocurrency is a hybrid of the schemes PoS and PoW. Only here is an algorithm used whose name is Skein and which is not very well known in the crypt world. This is an algorithm that uses a compression function for the hashes. This consists of 72 rounds each, which are equipped with a block size between 256 to 512 bits.

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After six hours, the maturity is achieved, while the proportion of PoS profit distribution is 10% annually. In total, there will be 100 million coins, of which 5%, or 5 million, have already been issued in the form of a premi- ning. After three minutes, a block is completely abraded. In the first four years, the profit is thus 20 coins per block. After that this amount is halved every four years.

Important information about Bitcoin Planet Mining

A Windows Wallet is available for mining . In addition, various pools are available. If you want to exchange coins, you can already do so on Coin exchange versus Bitcoin. In the near future a listing on the platform Nova Exchange will follow. For mining , the CPU, as well as the GPU can be used. The hashing algorithm ensures that both work well if there is no high quality hardware. Also a certain speed in the mines should be ensured.

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Future plans of BTPL

The developers of the Bitcoin Planet are planning to distribute the coin in seven different steps. With their words, they call this plan a roadmap to success. The goal of this plan is that the BTPL can be used as a means of payment and as such are certainly offered to some traders. On- as well as offline.

Technologies that are transported by blockchains, algorithms and cryptocurrencies in general should be submitted to the general public with the BTPL. This also goes hand in hand with creating a basic understanding of digital currencies. This is probably where the coupling of the name with a world-famous currency is based.

What is the social media activity?

There are two accounts. One via Facebook and another on Twitter. Both are very up-to-date and there is also the possibility to receive prompt support for any problems via the contact option on the website or the BitcoinTalk forum.

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