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What is Enigma Coin?


The merger, which hides behind the Enigma Coin, consists of several people who have studied at MIT. They all share the unified version of an independent future. A time when there are no more centralized administrations and the general public has access to maximum flexibility and freedom. That’s why Enigma builds not just a digital currency but a whole network of systems, also known as the Enigma Project.

In addition to payment options, this will also include software from the healthcare and financial sectors. A first established project is called Catalyst. This is a platform that resembles a digital marketplace based on cryptocurrency .


Technical specifications of the Enigma Coin

About technical details will not reveal much. It can be assumed that the developers work on their own algorithms and do not resort to those already well-known in the crypto world. From the various white papers, a lot of information can be gathered that this currency should combine the best features of Bitcoin , Litecoin and Ethereum . Otherwise, these documents are mainly made up of arguments that make it worthwhile to become part of the network. Often also computational examples with formulas or even extracts from source codes are contained, by which is shown how the coin works and works.

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Who developed the Enigma Coin?

On the official website of Enigma Coin, which incidentally is also known as ENG, there is a team area. Here, the individual persons are introduced, who are familiar with the development of the coin and the associated network. It is a company based on a classic hierarchical system. While there are two founders, one of them takes the lead as CEO. The development of the Enigma Project was made possible by several major investors.

There is no detailed information about the benefit these individuals derive from their investments. However, since data protection plays a role and thus can not be applied here, nor at a high profit, which would be guaranteed by the Coin, it seems broadly about the contracts to go. Anyone interested in establishing a project within the network will get a contract. This will probably require a license. The website is professionally structured. The team also employs social media managers.

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Steep price developments shape the overall picture

At the moment, the price of a coin is around $ 3.28. Thus, the Coin currently has a total capital of over $ 240,000,000. The turning point at which the coin exceeded the price of an American dollar occurred towards the end of 2017. Before that, the value averaged around $ 0.60 to $ 0.70. There are very strong price changes . The previous highlight was reached on January 11, 2018. Here was the price of a coin $ 8.00.

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