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What is ICOBID Coin?


The developers of the ICOBID Coin unite under this name a very extravagant project. While it is planned, among other things, to connect a private social network with some mini-games to the coin, it can of course also be used independently. There is no compulsion to use the remaining services in order to mine the ICOBID, for example.


The project was initially launched in September 2016, with the first large extensions taking place over the spring of 2016. In addition to the name ICOBID here is also just ICOB familiar, which emerges from the ticker. Another product from the ICOBID developers is the project called Wave. It is a client through which various payments can be made. Of course they all take place through the coin, no other currency can be selected for this. Several advantages speak in favor of using this. Thus, among other things, the transaction fee is directly mentioned, which at least 0.001 waves is. Waves is the method of payment that comes from the project ICOB-W. This also belongs to the project around the ICOBID Coin. Another advantage of this client is that the current account balance is displayed directly.

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Technical specifications for the ICOBID Coin

It is a hybrid of the PoW and PoS schemes. However, since the last block under PoW is the number 100,000,000, PoW for the next 190 years. As an algorithm Scrypt is used. The developers mention two reasons why the Coin is purposefully built up as a hybrid. One is that it is a transparent and highly secure cryptocurrency . The other is that anyone who owns or even owns ICOBID mint has some say in how the platform will evolve around this project in the future.

Other important information to mine ICOBID Coin

The coin can be added to any wallet . In addition, the developers offer their own clients for Windows, Linux and OSX. In addition to the classic mining , it is also possible to reduce the coin through community user groups in the form of different pools. To successfully complete a block, one minute is required. Then ten coins will be credited to the account. The amount of annual profit distributions is 10% according to the PoS scheme.

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High activity of users

There is a lot of activity on the part of users within the community. In the BitcoinTalk forum, for example, there are 215 articles on which lively exchanges take place. Away from this, for example, a Twitter account is available, but the last time in December 2017 has shown an activity. Also, the official website is currently not available. The domiciled icobidplatform.net shows that the domain is currently for sale.

Is the project going to die?

Within the BitcoinTalk forum one reads again and again that the developers – often even only from a single developer the speech – dropped the project. Maybe it will become a community project, should another user take over the development. There is no further information from the original developer.

The price is falling sharply

At the present time, the price has fallen many times since December. While the peak was reached on December 20, 2017 – here the value of a coin was $ 0.012774 – it is currently at $ 0.002056. Even the market capital , which has been able to take the Coin so far, suffers from the condition.

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