What is IslaCoin?


In May 2015, IslaCoin was made public. Initially, it was a small project whose website was hosted on a freehoster. Over time, however, the reputation grew and so could this Coin, which is simply called by their tracker just ISL, established in the relevant market of cryptocurrencies.

IslaCoin – The developers

The team continues to act as an association of private individuals interested in technology. There was no company behind it for profit, nor any other project coupled with this digital currency. The sole aim here is to provide the users with an independent means of payment, which is managed decentrally. The expertise in the field of Blockchain technologies and similar datasets will always ensure that the Coin stays up to date.

Technical specifications of IslaCoin

The launch of the coin was a hybrid of PoW and PoS . Just over a month later, the PoW phase was already over, which means that there are now no more mining pools. The last block under the PoW scheme bore the number 44,640, while PoS started from block 2,000. The algorithm X11 is used.

Important information about the mining of the IslaCoin

One block is dismantled within one minute. Following this, the amount will be credited to the account without any delay. Also for other transactions, there are no required blocks, which are first truncated. The transmission of data traffic takes place immediately. There is no fixed amount for mining , this always varies. By staking your own credit can of course be increased accordingly. For this it is necessary to steal the coins for at least 8 hours. There is no upper limit for this. The annual profit distribution is whopping 18%.

To mine the IslaCoin, various wallets are available. This also ensures that there are always new updates available to close any security vulnerabilities immediately. There are wallets for Windows, Linux, Mac as well as a web version. In addition, there is the possibility of using a smartphone or other mobile devices on the walletrecourse. For this there is an app that has been developed purely for Android. This will be provided alongside all other downloads on the website. Yobit is currently the only exchange platform available. The ISL was once listed on C-CEX, but it has now been launched on this platform. Reasons for this are unknown. Presumably there was hardly any trading in the coin on this site.

Who developed the ISL?

The focus is on a central developer. Nothing is known about him, there is also no “About” section on the website where he talks about himself. He receives help from interested people or even volunteers from the scene, who want to earn a few coins by translating all important data into various languages. To keep in touch with the community, the lead developer uses a variety of social media channels. First and foremost, Twitter and Google Plus should be mentioned here. He is very keen to demonstrate a brisk activity and is also in the BitcoinTalk forum, for example, quickly respond to user questions. This ultimately leads to the Coin enjoying a relatively good reputation despite the lack of background information.

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