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What is IxCoin?


IXCoin is an open-source cryptocurrency which primarily on Bitcoin oriented. Here, a peer-to-peer network is used, which serves to realize irrevocable, cheap, anonymous and decentralized transactions. The IXCoin token is a so-called Altcoin of Bitcoin, which was created by copying the actual Bitcoin blockchain . The copy process was already carried out in 2011, so that the token has already been traded on the market for six years.

The genesis

The IXCoin token is considered the first copy of Bitcoin and represents according to the developers a flawless version of the known cryptocurrency. Bitcoin investors in particular should be addressed by this cryptocurrency, since the IXCoin blockchain can immediately implement updates and changes. This is an important difference compared to the Bitcoin, because these changes and updates have to be distributed over a longer period to all users, so that the existing block chainis replaced by an updated version. This allows users to incorporate innovative ideas and the developers implement them immediately. In addition, disruptive factors can be eliminated in the short term so that the growth of the cryptocurrency is not endangered. With the development of the IXCoin token, the developers are pursuing the goal of implementing innovations in payment transactions as quickly and as well as possible. This should create a trustworthy and high-performance alternative to Bitcoin.

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What special features distinguish the IXCoin from Bitcoin?

The IX token is a bitcoin fork. Unlike Bitcoin, the IXCoin token has a double inflation rate. For the users, that means that by mining a faster increase of the token amount takes place. Nevertheless, the developers have also defined a limit of 21 million tokens, so that after reaching this amount no further increase in the token circulation amount takes place. Instead, the developers provide a permanent increase in the value, since the amount of tokens is limited. In addition, code updates implemented in Bitcoin should also be implemented in the IXCoin blockchain. In addition, the developers have developed a feature, which is referred to as “merge mining”. Here it is possible for miners to concentrate the mining on Bitcoin and at the same time to operate mining with IXCoin-Blockchain. This achieves the maximum token amount of the IXCoin token faster than othersCryptocurrencies .

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What is the current market capitalization of the IxCoin?

The Coin (IXC) has been mined since 2011 and traded on the market. However, the first official figures for the IXCoin token are quoted on May 8, 2013, as this was the initial coin offering. Under the initial coin offerings, a token price of $ 0.013678 was set to reach a market capitalization of $ 173,071 at the end of the trading day. Market capitalization reached $ 2.49 million on December 16, 2013, but the community subsequently lost confidence in the token, consolidating the token to around $ 200,000. Since May 2017, the currency is in a renewed upswing and is currently trading at a market capitalization of $ 3.2 million. The price per token is 0.153654 USD. In addition, the maximum token amount of 21 million is almost reached and only 912 more tokens need to be mined. In trading, an average daily trading volume of about $ 2,300 can be noted, which is mainly due to the Trade between Bitcoin and IXC is realized.

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