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What is iXLedger Coin?


In iXLedger Coin is a cryptocurrency which the benefits of a block chain connects to the traditional business of insurance. IX Ledger is a breakthrough marketplace for insurance and is based on a peer-to-peer network. In addition, the developers rely on a high level of customer satisfaction, new business models, fast transactions and a low level of risk, which is generated in particular by data analysis.

The service of iXLedger

In order to achieve these goals, the iXLedger platform needs to be attractively designed for insurers, reinsurers and brokers so that interesting products can be placed through iXLedger. The use of Blockchain prevents a weakening interest in insurance programs, policies, premiums and claims. The developers see insurance as an information-based industry, which will create new business models through the increasing use of data. The iXLedger platform democratizes access to data and speeds delivery, allowing everyone access to user data. In particular, the use of the token plays an important role in this service, since thus data-driven business models are driven forward.

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The XLedger platform offers several special features. This includes buying and selling insurance. Companies can sell their insurance products. These are placed in the marketplace. Other companies can accept these offers and buy the insurance or look for alternatives. In addition, iXLedger Coin relies on real-time analysis. This feature is designed to help clients gain a general overview of market activity and developments. In particular, the presentation in a dashboard should serve the user-friendliness. In order to be able to complete a transaction without leaving iXLedger, the developers also want to integrate a payment system. Here, not only the exchange of the means of payment, but also a data exchange takes place. All completed steps are stored in the iXLedger blockchain and can not be changed. The last feature is the portfolio management, which is used to manage all completed contracts. All insurances are displayed in a dashboard and can be viewed in more detail if required.

What is the current market capitalization of the iXLedger Coin?

The cryptocurrency iXLedger Coin is traded on the market under the symbol IXT. The Initial Coin Offering, which took place on July 27, 2017, achieved a market capitalization of $ 3.3 million, with the token price of $ 0.09. The previous high was reached on August 29 with a market capitalization of $ 31.2 million and a token price of $ 0.87. Since then, IXT is consolidating again, bringing its current market capitalization to around $ 7.4 million. In addition, a token is traded at a price of $ 0.205. Furthermore, there are currently 35.7 million tokens in circulation. The maximum number of tokens has been set to 65.7 million tokens, leaving enough potential for development. The daily trading volumeis around $ 26,000 and is 93% owned by the trade between Ethereum and IXT. The remaining 7% of trading is realized through the exchange between Bitcoin and IXT. Other crypto currencies do not play a role in the trade of IXT at the current time. In addition, most of the trading is done through HitBTC as a trading center.

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